Other Services

Propane Gas

Purchase or exchange your propane locally! 

Bring in your empty Blue Rhino tank to NP Fuel, and we will exchange it for a full one, while you and your family remain comfortably seated in your car!  And purchase a spare so you can switch over while you’re in the middle of cooking or heating.

A propane tank is $25 with exchange, or $50 for a new tank. Taxes included.


Need Filtered Ice?

No need to make an extra stop!

Pick up a 10-lb bag of filtered ice for your all your cooling needs, while you’re getting gasoline or having your vehicle serviced.

$2 per bag, taxes included.

Auto Repair Shop & Gas Station:
50 South Street
New Providence, NJ 07974
[Map & Directions]
Call: 908-464-7277

Gas-Only Station:
1789 Springfield Avenue
New Providence, NJ 07974
[Map & Directions]
Call: 908-464-3090