Don Murphy

Summer Safety Checkup – Included with Oil Change

Inspect Under Carriage, Steering, Suspension & Exhaust Systems

Inspect AC System

Top Off All Fluids (Antifreeze, Washer Fluid, Power Steering, Etc.)

Replenish Oil Levels

Inspect Tire Tread Wear & Tire Pressure

Test Battery & Inspect Cables

Inspect Wiper Blades

Inspect All Exterior Lights

Inspect Brakes

Inspect Belts & Hoses

If your car is unused in your driveway more that usual, we recommend disconnecting the battery, attaching a Battery Tender (maintains voltages), or adding a cut-off switch. This will help to prevent having to jump start your car or replacing your battery.


Improvements to Better Serve You!

At NP Fuel, we continue to make improvements to offer the best service for our clientele!

Examples include convenient car rental, propane, firewood and filtered ice, as well as our new 22,000 KW generator for uninterrupted fuel dispensing during any kind of natural disaster.

…We are here for you!

Auto Repair Shop & Gas Station:
50 South Street
New Providence, NJ 07974
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Gas-Only Station:
1789 Springfield Avenue
New Providence, NJ 07974
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Call: 908-464-3090